Tips for Wearing the Off-the-Shoulder Trend When You Think You Can’t

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When “off-the-shoulder” went big last summer, I was thrilled. I remember it being a fairly popular style when I was a girl but kind-of disappeared for most of my adult life. When it finally made its comeback, I was thrilled. It think it’s a flattering style- showing off the shoulders and neck. However, a lot of my friends have told me they feel they can’t wear the trend because it doesn’t work for them in some way. I’ve seen so many pictures of all different body types looking really good in an off-the-shoulder look, so I thought I’d share a few tips based on some of the issues I’ve heard.


Tip #1– Invest in a quality strapless bra that will stay in place and even give you a little lift. The main issue I was hearing from friends was that it didn’t work with their boobs. For years I had literally written off strapless bras because I had such bad experiences with them constantly falling down. I would just go braless. I believe that, for most women, the off-the-shoulder style looks better with a strapless bra. Make an investment that will benefit you time and time again, and get a quality strapless bra. I’ve been loving my Third Love bra (linked above), and it does what it says it does- most importantly, stay in place all day long.

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Tip #2- Go for a looser fit. This is kind-of a no brainer, but there are a lot of form-fitting off-the-shoulder styles, it can get a little overwhelming when shopping. A loose fitting top or dress will bring the attention to your shoulders and neck which is the goal.

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Tip #3– Opt for a top that has some structure to it. The top I’m wearing is made of a solid shirt material that holds its place. Again, this makes the look less distracting and emphasizes the shoulders.


Tip #4– If you’re in between sizes, like me, opt for a bigger size. That way, you won’t have to worry about the top cutting into your skin. I’m between a small and medium. I went with a medium on this top, so there wouldn’t be any risk of skin hanging over the top of the fabric.


Tip #5– Make the over-all look comfy and casual with distressed skinny jeans and sneakers. If the look is more relaxed, then that’s how you’ll feel too.


There you have it! My tricks for successfully wearing the off-the-shoulder trend! Do you have any tips for wearing this style? Comment below!


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