The Corset Trend

corset belt

Corsets are in. These definitely aren’t the corsets of the old days, but they still do the trick- emphasizing the feminine figure. I’m obsessed with this ultra flattering trend because it accentuates my curves. I have a naturally curvier figure, but I’ve seen leaner girls rock a corset belt and bring out their curves too. My style is definitely feminine which is why I’m attracted to the corset look- it highlights that feminine shape. If you’re style is more tomboyish, a corset could be a great way to incorporate a feminine look into your wardrobe this summer.





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corset blouse

My biggest piece of advice when wearing this trend is to really own it. Corsets have a controversial history, but this modern day version of the corset couldn’t be more comfortable. Remember that you are showing off your gorgeous body, so be confident in that!

Corset belts are a great way to pull this trend off in an easy way. You can pair it with your favorite blouse and jeans and boom- sexy date look accomplished! Then when the trend falls off, all you’ve invested in is a belt.