Staying on top of trends affordably with Romwe

I love trends! I’m definitely not a capsule wardrobe type of gal, although I do love and appreciate that style (not to mention having a little collection of capsule pieces). I can’t deny how much fun trends can be though. I’ll be the first to admit that staying on top of friends can get expensive. Each season, I try to evaluate which trends I love the most and incorporate those into my wardrobe, rather than trying to buy and wear every singe trend. Also, one thing that crucial is looking for affordable alternatives to trend pieces you may only get to wear a few times. I’m in love with the lace-up suede mini-skirt trend, and this one from Romwe couldn’t be more perfect at a price of $17.99. I love the edginess of the lace-up detail and the flattering fit of the skirt. Working this cute trend into my outfit with some of my other staple fall pieces, like a cozy sweater and booties, is perfect for my style and my wallet!




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suede lace up skirt

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I’ve put together a little wishlist of items from Romwe that are both chic and super affordable (everything under $30!). Remember that how you incorporate is key! These pieces are all great for mixing and matching with your other staple fall favorites and accessories.


Let me know what you think of the lace-up skirt. What’s your strategy for staying on top of trends and your budget at the same time?

Thank you to Romwe for sponsoring this post. All thoughts expressed are my own.