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I thought I was so done with overalls. I’m honestly surprised how long the trend has stuck around… it’s basically been running strong for years now. I bought my first pair of overalls two full years ago. Who knows… maybe overalls will be a trend like skinny jeans and just never end.

These overalls came out a few weeks ago, and as soon as I tried them on I was in love with overalls again. They are a bit stretchy, so they hug curves really well and show off the figure in the best way. They aren’t too stretchy, though. They definitely have a good amount of structure which helps hold everything in place and creates a put together look.





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Styling these overalls is super easy. They work well with blouses, off-the-shoulder, T-shirts, tank tops, and even turtlenecks and fitted sweaters as we transition into fall. I styled mine for this look with a lacy blouse that has a cute back detail. One unique thing about these overalls is that they don’t criss-cross or connect in the back, so the back and front are pretty open. The straps are adjustable, though, so you can easily shorten them so they don’t constantly fall off your shoulders.

The pants part of the overalls are a wide-leg crop which are great for any shoes/boots/sandals.

I added a cute piece from my current Rocksbox set and had the perfect outfit for a girls night out. I received a ton of compliments from my friends on these. I also actually wear these overalls for date nights because my boyfriend loves them too. They’re really versatile and work for a lot of occasions.

If you have been reluctant to try the overall trend or feel like you haven’t been able to find a pair that work for you, I’d definitely recommend giving these a try. They’re a flattering and fun style that are easy to match with other things you already have in your closet. The best part is that they’re a great wear now and later piece that you will pull out again and again.