How Stitch Fix Helped me Get Ready to Start a New Job

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I recently started a new job, and for the first time in years I was expected to “dress up” for work. For the last few years I’ve been working for tech companies where office attire is totally casual. While I did always try to look put together at those jobs, I still wore jeans most days. All of my old business clothes from previous positions had long been sold or donated, so business attire was seriously lacking in my closet. One quick and affordable solution was to hit up Target’s new brands to stock up on work wear (read more about that here). But to be perfectly honest, I felt a little out of the loop on what to wear to work. I haven’t had to dress like that in so long, I wasn’t sure what I would like and what would look good. I needed a little inspiration. That’s when I decided to try Stitch Fix. I loved the idea of having my stylist do the thinking for me since I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted. And I’m so happy I did!

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This outfit, not including the Rebecca Minkoff handbag, were pieces that were sent in my first box. I also received two other items- a skirt and a dress. Everything in the box was picked to easily mix and match, so I could get multiple outfits out of my Fix. I totally loved each thing that was sent! And they were all completely perfect for my new job.

In case you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix, here’s the scoop. It’s a clothing subscription service. However, you have quite a bit of control on how you want your “Fix” to be.

  • You establish the pricing of items and what you’re comfortable paying. You can even do this by item type, so if you spend more money on jeans and less on tops it’s all categorized that way.
  • You can also set up how often you want to receive your Fixes and are even able to set up your Fixes on demand.
  • You also complete a detailed survey when you set up your account which asks you questions about fit, taste preferences, and more. You can even add your Instagram or a Pinterest board to let your stylist know more about your style. One of the things I loved most about receiving my items was how well everything fit me, and that came from answering all those detailed questions on the survey.
  • You can also add a note to your stylist letting her know what you’d like out of your fix or if there’s anything that you don’t want. So for me, I added a note that I was starting a new job and needed clothes for the office. You could add something like, “I’m going to a holiday party and I need a look.”
  • Your stylist will take your information and put together your box of five items which can include shoes, bags, and other accessories depending on the needs of your fix.
  • You receive your Fix in the mail. You have a few days to try everything on, decide what you like and want to keep, and then you can send back anything you don’t want. You even receive a styling card that will have different ways to style each piece with other wardrobe staples. I totally used this for more outfit inso!
  • If you don’t want anything in your box, you can return everything and only pay a $20 fee to your stylist. Based on my experience with my first Fix though, I doubt this will happen. I bet you’ll love everything like me and keep all of it.
  • You do get a 20% discount for purchase of all 5 items.
  • You can provide feedback to your stylist so they can make your fixes better and better as time goes on.
  • Stitch Fix offers a range of relevant brands including premium brands.

I’ve worn all my items and I have received so many compliments on the clothes. I’m definitely planning on continuing my monthly Fix. It’s also a lot of fun to receive a box each month of new clothes that’s a complete surprise. It’s a little gift to yourself!

Interested in giving it a try?  Click this Link: Stitch Fix

Photography by Kiara Rose