Give your wardrobe more dimension with beautiful prints

I love finding a quality print. Admittedly, they can be a little hard to find. A good print is both unique and timeless. In a world of solids, stripes, plaid, and repetitive florals, a unique print will elevate your closet and show off your taste. The key is to mix them in with your solids, stripes, ect. It gives your wardrobe a little bit of dimension.



sezane fall collection

This outfit is by Sezane.¬†Each new Sezane collection will include a few pieces featuring¬† this kind of distinctive print. The shirt I’m wearing is from their fall collection (sold out), but they just released their winter collection. The print is now available in this cute midi skirt. Check out a couple of my other favorite prints from this new collection¬†here and here.

This top was styled in the fall collection with these pants. I loved the combination, so I copied it. The shirt would go great with dark skinny jeans for work or going out for drinks. Or even going to a gallery show or something similar.

Photography by Kiara Rose

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