Forever Summer

It’s amazing how much I’ve learned and grown with almost one year of blogging under my belt. What I love most is the connections I’ve made with other like-minded people. I’m really inspired by the creative community, and I love being a part of it. One of the most important ways to be creative in blogging is photography. This was something that was a big challenge for me starting out, as I really didn’t know much about photography at all. While I’m certainly no amazing photographer, I’m definitely pleased with how much I’ve grown in this area the last year. If you go back and look at some of my early posts you’ll see why. I’ve learned the technical aspects of shooting in manual, and also a few composition tricks. I find when I go on shoots now, I’m thinking more about the creative aspect of how to make my photos looks more interesting rather than just fretting over the basics. And while I’m still not the greatest in this regard, I’m a lot more comfortable in front of the camera than when I first started out.  I was so proud of this shoot and how many photos turned out. It’s a little bit of a photo bomb, so hopefully you don’t get bored. 😉 Anyway, as cliche as it sounds, it goes to show that you can improve as you put in the time and hard work.




free people

A little about the outfit: it’s the most flattering mesh blouse with a detailed bralette underneath, both in white. This combo with my favorite distressed skinny jeans of the moment and comfortable summer sandals was the perfect summer look to wear to our friend’s BBQ.

I’m always learning new things through my blog, and I’m so happy to be growing creatively. That’s one of the big things that pushes me forward, is seeing that personal growth.  What are things that inspire you creatively? If you photograph, what are your biggest struggles in photography?