The Vintages Trailer Resort

The Vintages Trailer Resort is the perfect place for a fun and unique Oregon getaway. Open year round, The Vintages is located in the heart of the Willamette Valley wine country, so it’s also the perfect place to stay when you’re wine tasting. It’s about an hour away from Portland between Dundee and McMinnville, so it’s an easy and accessible getaway. More than just a few airstreams, the Vintages include other quintessential mid-century names such as the Shasta, Kit Chateau, and Ideal. Their website offers specific historical information for each type of trailer. Most trailers are original, but a few are reissues (aka new trailers that look vintage).  More than that, the trailers all come equipped with locally roasted pour over coffee, two bikes to ride around wine country, and an outdoor grill to BBQ. There is a pool and hot tub onsite, as well as a nicely stocked general store where you can grab locally sourced treats and, of course, a bottle of Oregon wine to sip.


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Summer Day Trip Idea: Deschutes River

About an hour and forty-five minutes from Portland takes you to the gorgeous Deschutes River area and the town of Maupin. This is a great place to get away from the city to see a different side of Oregon- a more arid, desert-like landscape. Between the tan cliffs runs the Deschutes River which adds to the rich beauty of this scenic drive. There are lots of great places to pull off and enjoy views of the rapids the river is famous for. Between the breathtaking views and grabbing lunch in Maupin, this is the perfect day trip if you live in or visit Portland. Just take 26 and then take the 216 East.


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Kauai Recap: Activities, Outfits, and More

kauai waterfall

My recent trip to Kauai felt more like a dream than reality. It was filled with magical places and moments. I’m really grateful for the things I experienced while visiting: waterfall hiking, swimming in the warm turquoise waters, and even feeding a friendly horse. Kauai is known as the “Garden Island” and for good reason. It’s luscious terrain and pristine beaches make it a truly perfect tropical getaway. As someone who’s travelled to multiple tropical getaway destinations, Kauai has become my new favorite. We went to visit friends that live on the island, so we got a few inside tips on places to check out.

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Where to Stay When Visiting Haystack Rock

haystack rock

One of the best things about living in Portland, OR is having such easy access to the Oregon Coast. There’s nothing quite like this coastline- miles and miles of rugged pristine wilderness that meets the Pacific Ocean. Perhaps the most famous spot to visit on the coastline is Haystack Rock. It’s known the world over, and even for those that have never heard of it, its image may still be familiar. This image is even more iconic than its name. At  sunset, photographs line up with their cameras and tripods to capture it at its best. When you’re visiting the Oregon Coast, Haystack Rock is a must see. There are so many options for beach rentals, it can be hard to know where to stay when visiting Haystack Rock. What better way to experience it than a front row seat?

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Dubrovnik Photo Diary

Dubrovnik sunset

I’m excited to share with you some pictures of my recent trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia. This was part of my Montenegro trip (find out more on that herehere, and here). I had always planned to give Dubrovnik it’s own post, but I’ve been so busy with my new job and other blog projects the past few weeks, I’m only now finding the time to get my photos ready to share. Better late than never!

Dubrovnik is a a stunning city in Croatia situated right along the Adriatic Sea. It’s most knows for it’s Old City, an ancient city fortified by big walls and cobblestone streets.

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Beaches of the Adriatic


A common question you get when you take a trip, or you ask someone about a trip, is “What was your favorite thing you did on your trip?” Well, I thought I’d turn the answer to that question into an entire post. I had such an amazing time at this beautiful beach on the Adriatic, and captured so many gorgeous shots, that I knew this experience deserved its own feature.

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Montenegro… where is that? That is the question I’ve been getting from friends a co-workers about my recent two-week trip to country I took this past August. I admittedly was asking the same question up until about a year ago when I learned more about the small, but beautiful, Eastern European country on the Adriatic Sea.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen some of my pics from the trip. But I wanted to share more about the trip and the country through some of my favorite photos I shot while visiting.

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The Annual Swan Island Dahlia Festival

IMG_3036A friend recently told me that when she was preparing for her wedding, she was advised to be sure to pick the right flower for the time of year she was getting married. If she was getting married in May, for example, she should go with peonies. But since her wedding date was set for late August, dahlias were the obvious choice. She went on to say that brides would come to the Swan Island Dahlia festival and stock up on bunches and bunches of these beauties for their big day.

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Camping Getaway at Waldo Lake, OR


Ok, just a word of warning… this post is going to include a lot more pictures than I would normally include. Waldo Lake in Oregon is insanely beautiful, so of course we took a TON of amazing photos that I wanted to share. Enough to entice you to adventure out there. 😉 This post will also provide a little info on the lake, as it has many interesting features. William, Neko and I have gone for a weekend camping trip the last two years, this year bringing along a couple friends who loved it as much as us.

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